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Weird Al and Champaign

I had a rather busy weekend last weekend. On Friday my family took an overnight trip to Champaign for my cousin's anniversary party. I had fun, got to swim at the hotel and see a lot of my family at the anniversary party. I overheard a sweet comment from my cousin's daughter. She's 9 or so, and I overheard her tell someone "(missucupcake) is my favorite cousin because she loves animals." Isn't that cute? I also got to meet my other cousin's new baby for the first time. It was a great party, I only see my cousins/aunts/uncles a few times a year so it was great to be able to spend some time with them.

Then, I went to a Weird Al concert on Sunday. It was a lot of fun! Weird Al really puts on a show. He does costume changes for most of his songs and while he's changing he shows funny clips such as some from Al TV or random silly things. There is also confetti, smoke, and lights involved.
For an encore, he did "Albaquerque" which is really fun because it's incredibly long (the album version is over 11 minutes) and he makes it adds things when he does it live...
I also bought a t-shirt with a picture of the album cover of his latest album (Straight Outta Lynwood) on it.
Now, if only TMBG would come to Chicago...
Here are some photos and video from the concert:

This was during the song "You're Pitiful" which is a parody of "You're Beautiful." Al started out in a sweatshirt, took it off to reveal a shiny button-down shirt, took it off to reveal the shirt in that photo, and took THAT off to reveal a t-shirt of SpongeBob's face. Then he proceeded to pull his pants off, revealing a tutu...

White & Nerdy

The Saga Begins

Amish Paradise

Riding a Segway as he sings "White & Nerdy!"

Singing "The Saga Begins" with dancing Storm Troopers and Darth Vader behind him.

"All About the Pentiums"